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THE REPUBLIC PATIO | photo provided by The Republic

Since it’s July 1st opening in Osu, The Republic Bar + Grill has quickly become the spot in Accra. Like the every-week-kind-of-spot to chill, catch up with friends, and listen to some cool music over beer and cho. It’s a hip, Ghanaian version of Cheers – where everyone feels at home because the place has such a kick back ambiance.


THE CHILL KIDS | photo provided by The Republic

One thing that consistently draws a crowd to The Republic is the music. Accra folk are thirsty for places to hear good music and The Republic is on point in this regard. Thanks to Resident DJ Jason Kleatsh of GALT|Faculty and visiting international DJs – the place jams down every night to a generous mix of electronica, highlife, house, Afrobeat, hip hop, baile funk and more that will keep you running to the DJ booth and asking “Now, WHO is this?!”

The prices are insane – 5 cedi cocktails and 3 + 7 cedi tapas – for a country where the cedi has steadily depreciated and city restaurants respond by increasing their menu prices by the week. By using local ingredients (sugarcane rum, cassava, brown rice + beans, etc.) The Republic owners and brothers, Raja and Kofi Owusu-Ansah, keep costs down and customers happy.

COOL CHO | photo provided by The Republic

COCO BATIDA / photo provided by The Republic

Stop by and try the Coco Batida cocktail. This silk dream in a glass is a mixture of coconut milk, cream, crushed ice, cane spirit, chocolate pieces and nuts. With Mama Owusu-Ansah in the kitchen, the food is simple and delicious – hearty, flavorful, and right on time.

Whether you’re coming for a Tuesday happy hour or a Thursday live music jam or Sunday DJ lounge session, this bar won’t disappoint.

For more on The Republic, check out our interview below with Raja + Kofi:

PHOTOG PHENOM, Tacitus Nana-Yabani

PUNCH DRUNK LOVE | photo provided by The Republic


[Raja] We were thinking, where can you go in Accra where you can just sit, listen to good music and have a drink at a good price? That’s what we were looking for. And that’s what we are about – good music, good price, good environment, good ambiance and correct people around you. It’s as simple as that.

[Kofi] The concept of The Republic Bar captures what Ghana was in the early Independence period at a time when Ghana had a lot of good stories to tell – whether in culture, arts, music or politics.

AFRO ANTIQUE | photo provided by The Republic

[Raja] The décor is influenced by that epoch – books, records, that camera, radio, even the furniture dates back to that time. All these photos are from that time and what we have today is the evolution of that moment.


[Raja] We maintain the quality of a fair price. There’s no reason to profit in an irresponsible way or to hurt your clientele. How do you get the cool people in here? By giving them a price that is cool for them.


[Raja] The color combination is a no-brainer. There’s a strong contrast between the black and red [on the ceiling and walls). The black has been swallowed by color and pictures so it actually looks like a void. Red is a very passionate color that represents that We are the People, basically. But we are still adding more.



[Kofi] We had Peter Adarkwah (founder of BBE Records) on opening night to play. Our intention is to have our own vibe more and more – we want to invite DJs who can come and add to The Republic and its future. We play the best of world music is what I should say.  The plan is to get some cool DJs on board.

[Raja] Jason Kleatsh is our resident DJ. He’s got a good inventory of music that we play out and people are really loving it.

[Kofi] Every day’s like my birthday at the pub.

[Raja] I could say the same.

THE REPUBLIC PATIO | photo provided by The Republic


[Raja] Already people are coming with proposals to franchise.  Me personally, I think you lose the essence. This is supposed to be a small chill place…it’s supposed to be laidback.

[Kofi] A lot of people have expressed that this is different from any place they have seen in Accra. That’s one thing I really appreciate about this place.  It’s been good so far.

MIXED PRINTS | photo by ACCRA [dot] ALT

[Raja] The response has been really encouraging. People like the place. We were actually taken aback, we were not expecting this much of a response. It makes us happy, it’s very, very encouraging. Just a little attention to detail – people take notice of it. Different people love different things about the place.  Some people walk in here and don’t notice something here and someone else walks in and says ‘I can completely resonate with that.’

The Republic Bar + Grill | @TheRepublicGH | 024 631 4044

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