ACCRA [dot] ALT Presents IND!E FUSE

IND!E FUSE is the COLDEST live music jam to close out 2011. If you enjoy music that is original, super fresh, and awesomely live, be at IND!E FUSE on December 17th.  REDD Kat Pictures, a multimedia production company, is partnering with ACCRA [dot] ALT to produce the second annual IND!E FUSE concert.

We are amped about the Accra indie scene and a whole crew of young artists that are causing international waves for changing the face of music in Ghana. For one night only, we’ll have these Afropolitan trendsetters together live on one stage. IND!E FUSE is going down on Saturday, December 17, 2011 at Alliance Française from 7:00-11:00pm.

Last year’s show was a sellout success and this year will be even sweeter. IND!E FUSE is the premiere showcase for the freshest artists on the Accra music scene. Come and witness Ghanaian and international artists create live sonic rainbows of edgy AfroBeat, electronic soul, drumbassfunk, R&B, true skool hip hop, and rare West African folk grooves.

This year’s concert will show that Accra is at the cutting edge of new African music.

Our 2011 IND!E FUSE Lineup includes:

Live music sets by Trigmatic, Yaa Pono, Lil Shaker, Jayso, Edi-Young, Sandra, A.R.T. (U.K./Ghana), Lady Jay, Jojo Abot (U.S./Ghana), HollaBlak (U.S./Ghana), Azizaa (U.S./Ghana), Jay Hill (U.S./Ghana), Macho Rapper, Malta Guinness Street Dance regional champions Boogie Bust! and Steloo. Psycho phunked-up DJ sets by Kobby Graham (DUSTLYVE, YFM) and The FOKN BOIS (Wanlov the Kubolor and M3NSA)

IND!E FUSE is the pulse of the new African sound, a musical revolution – right here in Accra – whose influence will be felt throughout the world.

The admission fee is 10 cedis. Our IND!E FUSE partners include Alliance Française, REDD Kat Pictures, Pidgen Music, Skillions Records, Nandimobiles, Koffee Lounge, Smoothy’s Café and Roots Hotel Apartment. For more information about this show, please call 0244897948 or 0200293521 or email or


This is our scene…our Accra Renaissance. Your $25 donation will kickstart Gbaa Mi Sané (Talk to Me), a documentary film that looks at life in the West African city through compelling conversations and the magic-mojo music of a diverse group of young people who call Accra home.

AND you’ll cop a cool shirt featuring a few of our indie superstars. These trendsetters are changing the sound of Accra.

We are 54% funded with 4 days to go! Please spread the word to your networks!

See more about our Kickstarter project here:



Sizes Available: S – 2XL (for men and women)

Delivery Date: Feb 2012; shipping outside of the U.S. and Ghana will come with additional charges

Created By: ACCRA [dot] ALT + Turn Design Studio in Accra, Ghana


No doubt about it, Accra is fast becoming the latest scene to catch the pulse of new African music. AFRO-DIVAS NIGHT OUT is no exception. This all women’s showcase – produced by J’Abot Entertainment – is now a bi-weekly fix to help fans shake off the mid-week work woes. More than 100 people crowded into the silhouetted corners of Taverna Tropicana to hear the ladies belt out their tunes to the cold grooves of The Phunky Phew band. Drinks on tap. Good vibes emerging. Radical jams live and in the flesh.

Meet the lovely ladies of AFRO DIVAS NIGHT OUT:

AKUA TAYLOR (proud mother and wife to Blitz the Ambassador) is a motivational soul chanteuse based in Brooklyn. Akua is a woman of many trades – add actress, poet, writer, and inspirational speaker to the list of things done well.

AZIZAA is a psychedelic Afro-reggae princess hailing from Dirty Jerz. Her accessory game is tough and her laugh is equally as sharp. Catch Azizaa’s live show at IND!E FUSE this December 17th at Alliance Francaise.

JOJO ABOT is a throwback soul singer with mighty chords and compelling arrangements. In several short months, Jojo has taken Accra by the collar and is showing how real divas get it done! Jojo will also perform at IND!E FUSE this December with one of our favorite guitarists, Kyekyeku.

THE TALK PARTY SERIES: #Gender and Sexuality

Following September’s sizzling hot conversation on gender and sexuality, British Prime Minister David Cameron stirred up some mess in Ghana. He announced that foreign aid will be cut for African nations that persecute and harass gay citizens. Touchy issue. This right on the heels of a vigorous discourse by Pres. Mills, priests, and Parliament members singling out homosexuals as ungodly and un-Ghanaian. And our September Talk Party where young, gay men stood up proudly, one by one, possessing a confident sexuality that was wide open for us to peek into, turn upside down and explore.

In October, we continued to discuss our different ways of looking at gender and sexuality now in heterosexual relationships.

October’s Talk Party found us discussing our thoughts – as young men and women living in Accra – about sexuality and gender. We interrogated how differently – or not – we think about gender and sexual relationships than our parent’s generation. We examined what is expected of men and women and what are the realities we each face about the other. And finally, we talked about how to create more liberating spaces for men and women to co-exist.

We’re not all talk either. We love to jam down. Our featured live musicians were AKUA TAYLOR, a motivational soul singer who rocks crowds on the regular throughout the NYC and KNII LANTE, a reggae R&B maestro who keeps the ladies swangin’.

Camera – Abass Ismael
Edit – SelormJay

for REDD Kat Pictures