NIMA: The Street Market Edition

By Nana Osei Kwadwo

Medicinal tree stumps

The Medicine Market

You can find pretty much everything at the street market. A standard feature not just in Accra but all over West Africa, the street market is where the home cho preparations begin.

Affordable and negotiable, the market is where folks go to get those natural ingredients. For instance, many different varieties of tree bark are sold in the market for medicinal purposes. Sometimes they are mixed with bitters or boiled in water and served to prevent or treat common illnesses ranging from colds to malaria to infertility.

The Nima Market is smaller and less crowded than other popular Accra markets. Our team recently visited the market and snapped these cool fotos. Scroll down to see some foodstuff commonly seen in markets in Accra.


West African meals are all about spice – kowε, nutmeg, melegueta pepper, kola nut, dawadawa, curry, ginger, garlic, momone, thyme, prekεsε, and African bird pepper, among many others – and most are sold pre-made in the markets. Most soups and stews require the careful addition of unique spice blends for a kick in flavor. Spices is also important for seasoning couscous, jollof rice, beef, chicken, fish and seafood.

Nima Street Food 44 – Strolling Goats- March 2013Nima Street Food 45 – Strolling Goats- March 2013

Nima Street Food 47 – Strolling Goats- March 2013

Nima Street Food 43 – Strolling Goats- March 2013

Dry Pepper with olonka bowl...

Dry Pepper with an Olonka bowl…

Powdered Pepper

SOBOLO + Powdered Pepper

Nima Street Food 39 – Strolling Goats- March 2013

Samia - it is used in brewing local beer

SAMIA | Used to brew local beer

Nima Street Food 49 – Strolling Goats- March 2013

Nima Street Food 59 – Strolling Goats- March 2013COCO YAM

Coco yam is a tuber food. It’s a basic food found in every market in Accra. Just like yam it can be boiled or fried and served with any type of sauce or stew.

Nima Street Food 57 – Strolling Goats- March 2013


Nima Street Food 58 – Strolling Goats- March 2013

DATES + SUGARCANE | Cho on the Run [from the Sun]

_Nima Street Food 35 – Strolling Goats- March 2013Nima Street Food 32 – Strolling Goats- March 2013_Nima Street Food 35 – Strolling Goats- March 2013KULIKULI

This distinct snack is made of nkatia [groundnuts], pepper and spices fried into a crisp and crunchy circle.

Kulikuli for You

Kulikuli for You

Nima Street Food 29 – Strolling Goats- March 2013Want more street food chronicles? Stay tuned to the blog for more Accra cho spots.

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