NIMA: The Street Market Edition

By Nana Osei Kwadwo

Medicinal tree stumps

The Medicine Market

You can find pretty much everything at the street market. A standard feature not just in Accra but all over West Africa, the street market is where the home cho preparations begin.

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NIMA: The Street Food Edition

By Nana Osei Kwadwo

The Street Food Culture

The Street Food Culture

Street food is a way of life in Accra. In fact, it’s the only fast food you’ll find in town. Easy and convenient, affordable and ready to eat, street food for many Accra city people is the way to do it.

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Strolling Goats in Accra: NIMA pt. 3


first stop – NIMA.

Nima is one of the coolest areas in Accra – and we have the photos to prove it.

What can we say? The place just makes you feel free. We love the chill vibe of Nima and the vibrant social life of the majority Hausa-speaking population, the fly attitude and bright colors of the women, the distinct burst of flavors in Northern Ghanaian cuisine found at many food spots lining the streets and the spectacular finds in the Nima Market.

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Strolling Goats in Accra: NIMA pt. 2

Here’s a second set of photos from our Nima street shoot. Double-click on photos to enlarge. Dig in, Friends.



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Strolling Goats in Accra: Nima [IN FOTOS]


Jase Tay

JASE TAY in Light Off.

If you know anything about Accra, you know that goats run this town. They’re everywhere – roaming, playing, bucking, being. Since goats are hearty and healthy animals that rarely get sick, goat meat is a choice dish throughout Ghana. And their human tendencies are astonishing. Goats are as bold and daring as their human neighbors with a die-hard attitude able to withstand harsh conditions.

Strolling Goats in Accra reflects life in the African city.

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