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James Town Community Organizer SAMUAH HANSON in Red | by Selorm Jay

1. Which part of James Town will the festival be held?

The two-day festival will take place along a 10-minute walking route on High Street between the Ga Mashie Development Agency [three buildings to the right of the Light House] down to the old Kings Way building [next to Ussher Fort].

2. Where do I park my car?
There is ample parking available inside James Town, particularly any side street or parallel street to High Street. Please note that High Street is a one-way street and will be closed to vehicular traffic on both days of the festival.

3. Where can I buy food? Where are the toilets located?
The Accra Cookout will feature more than 20 eclectic food options from 10am-6pm both days. This international food bazaar stretches from Mantse Agbonaa [across from the Light House] down to the James Town Post Office. Additional food/drink options are available along High Street.

Toilets are located at both ends of the festival at the following locations: 1) left side of Mantse Agbonaa 2) Public toilet facilities at James Town Beach down from the Light House and 3) between Ussher Fort and the old Kings Way building.

Strolling Goats - James Town - April 2013 - Accra dot Alt - Selormjay1

Filmmaker SELORM JAY chills on Brazil Lane | by Mantse Aryeequaye

4. How long is the festival?
For the first time this year, CHALE WOTE is a two-day event. The festival will take place on Saturday, September 7th and Sunday, September 8th from 10am-9pm. The festival is free and open to the public.

5. What sort of activities will take place?
CHALE WOTE 2013 will be a playground to experience many, awesome art forms. The theme for this year’s festival is Reimagining African Folklore. We will produce exciting and futuristic versions of traditional folktales with street painting, graffiti murals, live music performances, dance flash mobs, a fashion circus, extreme sport stunting, experimental theater, spoken word, a two-day film festival and digital art exhibition, a fashion and food market, historical walking tours, a pocket park, art workshops, visual art installations and much more.

6. What are the main attractions this year?

There will be so much to see and do but here are some main attractions you won’t want to miss at CHALE WOTE 2013:

Saturday, September 7th: The Takoradi Masquerade procession [5-6pm] and a massive DJ dance party in Mantse Agbonaa [6:30-9pm].

Sunday, September 8th: The Ga Mashie Lolo Patrol – a musical improvisation between James Town jamma troupes in Otoblohum Square [12noon – 2pm], Street Boxing in front of Appointed Time shop [3 – 5pm] and the Festival Finale, a super-live beach music concert featuring some surprise guests at the James Town Beach near the Light House [4 – 9pm].

Also, check out visual and performing art installations by 7 visiting artists – from South Africa, France, Nigeria, U.S., and Germany – and more than 20 cutting edge exhibitions by Ghanaian artists.

7. Do I have to pay for any activities?
CHALE WOTE 2013 is a free event. Purchases can be made from a wide array of food, drink and fashion options available in The Accra Cookout and Oblatsoobi Market [from Mantse Agbonaa down High Street to the Sempe Mantse Palace forecourt].

Strolling Goats 49 - James Town - April 2013 - ACCRADOTALT--- badboy

Music Producer STELOO x Designer DIN KLASSIC at Salaga Market | by Mantse Aryeequaye

The ACCRA Walking Tour: Ga Mashie is a one-hour tour that leaves at the top of every hour [across from Mantse Agbonaa]. This tour offers four [4] route options throughout historical James Town and is 5ghc for students with ID and 10ghc for adults.

8. Will there be appropriate activities for children?
We are hosting a smaller festival just for youth [between the ages of 8 and 15] at GAMADA [three buildings to the right of the Light House]. This compound will be transformed into The Ga Mashie Flight School for Young Storytellers, an interactive youth zone to experience painting, mural installation, azonto dance theater, hip hop performance, a film festival, improv theater, back yard games and more.

The Ga Mashie Flight School for Young Storytellers operates on both days of the festival between the hours of 10am – 6pm. Since the day is programmed into a full circuit of activities, we suggest youth arrive between 9-10am to register [free]. Lunch will be provided.

9. Will the same activities be held on both days?
Each day will feature different activities [please refer to the festival program schedule for more information]. Saturday, September 7th will showcase the exciting construction of the visual art across the festival as we are all characters taking part in this new, evolving folktale called CHALE WOTE 2013. Sunday, September 8th will allow patrons to stroll through and enjoy the gallery of visual works that were created the previous day. There will be live music and street performances taking place on both days of the festival.

strolling goat - april 2013 - james town - accradotalt - ama eckcopy

Dancer AMA ECK in the Looking Glass | by Mantse Aryeequaye

For more information, email or

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