IND!E FUSE 2013: Ko-Jo Cue


It's certified. Ko-Jo Cue is a star.

It’s certified. Ko-Jo Cue is a star.

In the early days of 2013, Kojo Amankwah a.k.a Ko-Jo Cue a.k.a Punch Line King (PLK) had Ghanaians jamming to conscious hip-hop songs from his seventh mixtape, Before We Shine 2 (BWS2). Ko-Jo Cue entered the Ghanaian music scene with a mentality to convert conservative music lovers making the country skip to his lou and jump to something new. With BWS2, Ko-Jo Cue achieved just that.

They don’t call him the Kumasi King for nothing, either. Months after releasing BWS2, we still hear boomboxes and wireless radios blaring his sounds.

Kojo Cue 5 - Accra [dot] Alt

His fellow rappers – after listening to his mixtapes – christened Ko-Jo Cue the “Punch Line King” (PLK).

This music dopeness has earned the MC a spot on the Ind!e Fuse 2013 stage. After his energetic performance at this year’s Chale Wote Street Art Festival in James Town, alternative music lovers keep asking for more of the Kumasi hitman.

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IND!E FUSE 2013: The Official Poster

IND!E FUSE 2013 PosterHot off the presses…the official poster for the 4th Annual IND!E FUSE 2013 – this December 12 – 14th. Meet the artists at this Friday’s Talk Party Series and find out all about the show before we take off next month.

IND!E FUSE 2012: The ReCAP


We certainly had a grand time at IND!E FUSE 2012. Live performances by Tawiah, FOKN BOIS, Yaa Pono, Lady Jay, Lyrical Wanzam, Jojo Abot, Rumor and so much more deliciousness. Well, the good times have rolled around again and we are counting down to IND!E FUSE 2013.

This time, we’re bringing you a 3-day music event! Boy, do we have some goodies in store. While we are still in the kitchen whipping that brew, feast on this video recap of IND!E FUSE 2012. Let us know what you’re looking forward to at this year’s show.

The 4th Annual INDI!E FUSE features the coolest artists from Ghana and beyond in an exciting live music concert event. IND!E FUSE is the largest African indie music showcase in West Africa and highlights the best in hip hop, AfroBeat, traditional fusion, soul, electronic and rock music.

The JAMES TOWN Experience


THE HUNTER KIDS - James Town | Accra

THE HUNTER KIDS – James Town | Accra

I stared in awe – my mind and soul were buried in what lay before me. In my mind’s eye it was so awesome I forgot someone was trying to get my attention. I was fixated with these kids designing kites; they played different roles in the design process by folding papers, sticks and threading kite.  One of them drew a prototype of the kite on the pavement with the oldest amongst them cutting and joining paper with broomsticks. The rest were obliged to tie the thread to the kites and test flights.


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