IND!E FUSE 2012: Tawiah’s in the Building [Accra]



We’re literally freaked that TAWIAH is rocking IND!E FUSE this year on Sat. Dec. 15th at Alliance Francaise. We’ve been fans for a stone cold minute now – ESPECIALLY after she made jaws drop and tongues seize at PY Annan’s Bless the Mic Christmas Concert in 2008. And it was on an impromptu tip at that, chale.

Bold, out-there-somewhere chords, funky confidence and a laid-back spirit. Did we say we’re amped?

Tawiah’s back in Ghana for the first time in four years and boy, has this London gal been busy. She’s worked on tracks with literally everyone – including Cee-Lo, Wale, Eric Lau, GhostPoet, Smiler + Professor Green and Mark Ronson among a slew of other dope artists.

Peep homegirl in action with Mark Ronson’s band making Glastonbury [2008] go wild:

And ripping it at a Put Me On It event in London:

Catch TAWIAH live at IND!E FUSE 2012 | @TawiahMusic


Ghanaian Londoner, Andrew Ashong, delivers this cut, “Flowers,” fresh and straight to your front door. Matter fact, dude’s ringing your doorbell. Ashong teamed up with house master, Theo Parrish, on this free downloadable EP.

“Flowers” is an almost 9-minute masquerade parade slowed down with spring chords and a black and blue bass into a circular, two-step dub jam.

That’s chief. Listening to this song on repeat is like riding the handlebars of a superbly tricked out bike.

Shout out to @SanSedj for the link. Dig this garden. “Flowers,” Chale.


SNEAKER FREAK: The Ohema Ohene Fix

WE’RE GOING CUCKOO FOR FUFU over these hot new sneaks by Brixton design boutique – Ohema Ohene. The mix between a structured hi-top, bright colorful prints, textured contrasts and low-top flexibility makes this design fresh and seductive.

Abenaa Pokua‘s Spring/Summer 2012 footwear collection is all urban African swag – a brilliant remix in adaptation + reconstruction.