IND!E FUSE 2013: The Official Poster

IND!E FUSE 2013 PosterHot off the presses…the official poster for the 4th Annual IND!E FUSE 2013 – this December 12 – 14th. Meet the artists at this Friday’s Talk Party Series and find out all about the show before we take off next month.

SIXTH SENSE: 6 New Videos You Must See

by Katharine M. Ortiz + Sionne Neely

SENA DAGADU in James Town, Accra | photo by Mantse Aryeequaye

SENA DAGADU in James Town, Accra | photo by Mantse Aryeequaye

Nowadays, Ghanaian music is a mixed bag. That’s actually a great thing. The diversity and complexity of this music – which is not new and has always been here – is bubbling more and more on the surface. As testament, here are 6 NEW VIDEOS by fresh artists we dig. In these audiovisual experimentations [in no particular order], you’ll experience different realities reflecting what it means to be Ghanaian.

These are some of the voices of our pop culture. Hear and see them now.
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The Adabraka Sessions pt. 3


And the fotos keep coming…check out more street style in Adabraka and our ACCRA [dot] ALT team’s take on life and dreams in the city.

Double-click on photos to enlarge. All photos taken by ACCRA [dot] ALT.





ABASS ISMAIL [Cinematographer/Photographer]:

“Accra is a place that is not so easy for some people to live. You’re living without a place or a car, you have to be struggling for troski. It’s not that easy to get a place for yourself in Accra.”

Go-Go Cart 5- photo by ACCRA [dot] ALTDEAN OSEI [Intern], right:

“My Accra is a place where everything is possible. Accra is a place where young, vibrant people from all over Ghana come to settle and achieve their dreams. It’s also challenging. Despite the challenges, it’s a place where you can succeed if you are really determined.”

Abass Ismail 6 - photo by ACCRA [dot] ALTABASS:

“We’re sick and tired with the lights on and off. And water…for my place the water’s off for like three months before they bring it back. So we are sick and tired of those things. In Accra, it’s easy for some to move forward. Those who have the money, water and lights on in their house, they don’t care about the others struggling.”

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Hands down one of the dopest MCS you’ve probably never heard of. Dude definitely spits fire. Like dayyyuuuumm….

We’re happy to have LYRICAL WANZAM join the show this year. May he stretch you with his AfroPolyTank flows and his chicken strut [*watch the video to find out what the scooby doo hell we’re talking about].

Check Wanzam in action on the IND!E FUSE 2012 mainstage this Saturday, December 15th from 7:30 – 11:00pm at Alliance Francaise.

See LYRICAL WANZAM live at IND!E FUSE 2012 | @LyricalWanzam

On FRIDAY<DEC14th, catch our mashup boutique at The Republic Bar + Grill in Osu (make the first right after Frankie’s, place is on your right). We’re starting the party @9:00pm with DJ sets from Jason Kleatsh, Kweku Ananse, SanSe and DJ Kev and collabos with Rumor [Skillions Records], HollaBlak, Looney the TKR, Oga Chuxx, Steloo + Yaw P, Eli and Fatul. 5ghc @ the door.

Funky COLD Madina: M.anifest x LyricalWanzam

M.ANIFEST | photo by ACCRA [dot] ALT

LYRICALWANZAM | photo by Clockwork Media

FUNKY COLD MADINA is not only the name of Tone-Lōc‘s 1989 hip hop classic but a fitting reference to two of Ghana’s most ice cold emcees (*however, Lōc’s version is spelled Medina).

M.anifest and Lyrical Wanzam – who both grew up in the Accra suburb of Madina – team up and trick out this track about having fun with life, “Sheygey Reasons” (pidgin for “for foolish reasons” or “for the sake of it”). Producer Kwam1 flips highlife upside down with Vis-a-Vis  + K. Frimpong’s 1977 muse “Obi Agye Me Dofo” (Someone Has Taken My Lover).

The MCs have had a succulent mango kind of year. M.anifest created new music for the Rocket Juice + The Moon album (released in March 2012) performing with Damon Albarn (of the Gorillaz), Tony Allen, Flea, Erykah Badu, M3NSA (of FOKN Bois), and Fatoumata Diawara. In June M.anifest performed live on Big Brother Africa 7: Stargame! for millions of television viewers continent-wide and just last month he jam-packed a show at Africa Express in London.

Word on the street is that Wanzam is beginning work on his first EP project. His AfroPolyTank mixtape received 10,000 downloads in the first week of its release in February 2012 causing cats to sit up right and take notice. The lyricist is signed to the management label Fullish Art and record label, Cryme Records.

BUMP this joint in your speakers. For sheygey reasons.