As told by JASE TAY | Photography by KOFI ANTI & KOBE SUBRAMANIAM

Tema International School (T.I.S) students in a procession at #ChaleWote2014

Tema International School (T.I.S) students in a procession at #ChaleWote2014

2014’s edition of the Chale Wote Street Art Festival came off a buzzing start, augmenting the fervour that accompanied the just ended Homowo Festival. The energy and excitement was infectious and even days after the 2-day festival, themed, “Death: An Eternal Journey Into Limitless Rebirth”, people still can’t get over it.  The euphoria that accompanied the festival beautifully complemented its theme; the festival flames seemingly going out but instead of just dying down, continue burning, eagerly waiting a rekindling which, rest assured, will happen next year. Jamestown played host Accra’s creative community who brought their own to the tropes of beautiful “madness” to this year’s festival. To keep these superb and awesome participants enthralled, Accra [dot] Alt lined up an ensemble of creatives whose only agenda was to enthral the visiting public, sending them on a trans-dimensional journey of imagined spaces.

Adjo Kisser’s installation portrayed the cycle of gender imbalance and stereotypes in Ghana and the world at large. Drawing inspiration from global events that expose the blatant disregard for the female gender, Untitled (709) artistically brings to the fore, the continuous murder of the female identity. Not forgetting the impossible to miss, elaborate and overwhelming sack installation by Ibrahim Mahama, showing all the different shades and patches of life, beautifully strewn together in majestic stitches.

Work begins!

Rolling out the messengers.

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 The Fourth Annual CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival

James Town | High Street

Saturday, August 23rd + Sunday, August 24th | 10am – 9pm

Q+A Information Sheet



  1. Which part of James Town will the festival be held?

The two-day festival will take place along a 10-minute walking route on High Street between the Ga Mashie Development Agency [three buildings to the right of the Light House] down to the old Kings Way building [next to Ussher Fort]. Continue reading



Here are more photos from the Strolling Goats in Accra with CHALE WOTE 2014. We are less than a week away from the Chale Wote Street Art 2014,and the artists + volunteers are ready to make the festival happen on August 23 & 24 in James Town.

Strolling Goats - Chale Wote - James Town- Accra Dor Alt-artistes04

Strolling Goats in Accra, Chale Wote 2014 artists + volunteers touring festival routes.

Accra's most fashionable House Music DJ, Steloolive.

Accra’s most fashionable House Music DJ, Steloolive .

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Story by BILLIE MCTERNAN | Photography by SELORM JAY

For those that are unfamiliar with IND!E FUSE, you should know that it is the country’s largest concert of independent artists that falls slap-bang in the middle of Ghana’s December party season.


Mensa of FOKN BOIS with the crowd.

When I came to Ghana in December 2012 it had been four years since I’d last visited the country. Up until that time I had been under the guardianship of family, shuttling from one family house to another, missing out on the vibrancy the city had to offer. I was looking forward to discovering an alternative experience.  Continue reading