IND!E FUSE 2013: Dec. 13 + 14 Lineup

See DRUNK BEGGAR THIEF live tonight at The Republic #IND!FUSE2013 #SabolaiRadioStreetParty

See DRUNK BEGGAR THIEF live tonight at The Republic #IND!FUSE2013 #SabolaiRadioStreetParty

The LABS went down yesterday and it was so massive. More than 200 people flowed in throughout the day catching sessions and filling the vibe of a music community taking real shape.

Shout out to our Chemists who kept the crowds hanging onto every word:

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley breaking down how African identity and music is fueled with imagination;

Panji Anoff discussing what it means to be an artist and how to find a mentor to grow your game way up;

The FOKN BOIS detailing how they grind hard to book international tours, make fresh music and films and push each other to be more creative;

Dr. Jason King [New York University, The Clive Davis Institute for Recorded Music] telling us about global music trends and what this means for African artists;

Onxy Ashanti sharing his genius feedback system invention and how such technology can change the way we produce music like never before;

Samuel Darko and Raindolf Owusu hipping us to the digital marketing world and how to propel Ghanaian music to new audiences;

and Kweku Ananse, Meche Korrect and Drunk Beggar Thief showing us how the creative process works with a live recording demonstration. The entire day was DOPE, fam.

Indie Fuse 09 - James Town - November 2013 - Accra dot Alt - Drunk Begger Thief

We are back at it today and moro. So many great performances on tap. Like Drunk Beggar Thief aka Amu the Great bka @dbtmalone. This music producer, vocalist and songwriter is truly something else. Catch his electric acoustic psychabilly highlife style TONIGHT for the SABOLAI RADIO Street Party at The Republic Bar + Grill [in Osu, near Frankies], 5ghc at the door. We’re on from 7pm until the wee hours of the morning.

*Check out “EbanisEn” by Drunk Beggar Thief [songwriter/vocalist/director/editor of video]

Then the final showdown – IND!E FUSE Stage – happens on Saturday, 7-11pm at Alliance Francaise, 10ghc. Want more LABS? Catch a final session with NO FORMAT record execs before the show this Saturday, Dec 14th at 6pm, Alliance Francaise Exhibition Hall.

The independent record label, based in Paris, is scouting for new West African artists. Meet and greet with Laurent Bizot + Thibaut Mullings of NO FORMAT, learn about copyright protection and how the French music industry works. Then we go jam after + all nite long.

Peep the full IND!E FUSE 2013 lineup for Fri. Dec 13th + Sat. Dec. 14th right here.

*Photos by Mantse Aryeequaye for ACCRA [dot] ALT Radio.

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