IND!E FUSE 2013: Ko-Jo Cue


It's certified. Ko-Jo Cue is a star.

It’s certified. Ko-Jo Cue is a star.

In the early days of 2013, Kojo Amankwah a.k.a Ko-Jo Cue a.k.a Punch Line King (PLK) had Ghanaians jamming to conscious hip-hop songs from his seventh mixtape, Before We Shine 2 (BWS2). Ko-Jo Cue entered the Ghanaian music scene with a mentality to convert conservative music lovers making the country skip to his lou and jump to something new. With BWS2, Ko-Jo Cue achieved just that.

They don’t call him the Kumasi King for nothing, either. Months after releasing BWS2, we still hear boomboxes and wireless radios blaring his sounds.

Kojo Cue 5 - Accra [dot] Alt

His fellow rappers – after listening to his mixtapes – christened Ko-Jo Cue the “Punch Line King” (PLK).

This music dopeness has earned the MC a spot on the Ind!e Fuse 2013 stage. After his energetic performance at this year’s Chale Wote Street Art Festival in James Town, alternative music lovers keep asking for more of the Kumasi hitman.

Kojo Cue 4 - Accra [dot] Alt

As a young upcoming hip-hop artist, Ko-Jo Cue is looking forward to seeing other artists perform so he learns one or two things from them. He remarks, “I’m looking forward to seeing certain artists perform. I want to see FOKN Bois, Rumor, Looney and Wanzam do their thing. I’m also hoping to discover new and interesting artists.”

What is Ko-Jo Cue bringing to IND!E FUSE 2013? According to the lyricist, he’s got the show on lock with“that raw Kumasi energy and that raw hip-hop energy. At the end of the day, I hope to give people a glimpse into my mind’s state, as well as an entertaining exercise.”

Looney and Kojo Cue

Ko-Jo Cue x Looney the TKR in Look Ma Shoe

With his strong stage presence and imaginative hip hop music, Ko-Jo Cue will mount the SABOLAI RADIO Street Party stage this Friday, December 13 at the Republic Bar & Grill in Osu [behind Frankies]. The street jam goes from 7pm – until the wee hours of the morning, chale.

indie fuse- james town- accradotalt 2013- looney - kojo cue - michi 03

Ko-Jo Cue x Meche Korrect x Looney the TKR in Accra Central

Check out Ko-Jo Cue in action with the clip below:

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