Strolling Goats in Accra: Nima [IN FOTOS]

Jase Tay

JASE TAY in Light Off.

If you know anything about Accra, you know that goats run this town. They’re everywhere – roaming, playing, bucking, being. Since goats are hearty and healthy animals that rarely get sick, goat meat is a choice dish throughout Ghana. And their human tendencies are astonishing. Goats are as bold and daring as their human neighbors with a die-hard attitude able to withstand harsh conditions.

Strolling Goats in Accra reflects life in the African city.



Situated between Kokomlemle and Ring Road breaths Nima. Many outsiders would qualify this predominantly Muslim area as one of the poorest sections in Accra. However, to stop there would be a huge mistake. Those who call Nima home find pride in their space. It’s a vibrating center of activity where people turn something out of nothing everyday. The neighborhood carries an interesting mixture of the old and the new – an ironic dichotomy that comes in many prints and patterns.

Nima stands out in the city with its hustle-bustle resilience, funky eclectic style, easygoing manner and deliciously homemade food. Last month, our foto team captured a taste of what makes Nima so great. Check our take over the next few posts this week [double-click on photos to enlarge].

Strolling Goats in Accra.  Welcome to Nima.

Foto Vim Project - Nima 34 - photo by ACCRA [dot] ALT

AFUA ASONA in 99 Choices

Young Ghanian Pride

Ghana Girl Pride

Play Hard, Look Harder

Play Hard, Look Harder

On Sale: Funky Tea Kettles & Straw Mats

On Sale: Funky Tea Kettles & Straw Mats

Josh Tackie

JOSH TACKIE in The Resistance

Foto Vim Project - Nima 38a - photo by ACCRA [dot] ALT


ROWIE in Lilac Boflot

A Biker's Swag

ABU AFRICA’s Biker Swag

Breezy Freshness

Eazy Breezy Fresh

A Man, His Soft Smile & His Beads

A Man & His Beads

Foto Vim Project - Nima 47a - photo by ACCRA [dot] ALT

A Break from the Sun

ABASS ISMAIL in a Break from the Sun


JESSICA in Natural Mystic

A Hard Day's Work

A Hard Day’s Work

A Secret Hideaway

A Secret Hideaway

Foto Vim Project - Nima 42a - photo by ACCRA [dot] ALT

Schoolboy Style

Schoolboy Style



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