Somewhere OUT There: Ghostpoet’s Gamut


GHOSTPOET via The Guardian

GHOSTPOET via The Guardian

Let it be known that Obaro Ejumiwe better known as Ghostpoet carries a power to hypnotize. This discovery was made whilst listening to the sounds of his debut album Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam, released back in February 2011.

Ghostpoet’s music weaves a mellow yet magnetic mumble-speak with the penetrating backdrop of beats, rhythms, and sounds to create his unique noise. His music speaks of the bare-bone reality of getting through life – falling in love, paying the rent, battling the fear of loneliness, and the melancholic tick of time.

Although born & raised a London boy, the down-to-earth artist traces his roots back to Nigeria and Dominica. He first made his mark on the UK music scene with the release of his first EP, The Sound of Strangers (2010).

GhostPoet 101: Here are three tracks that you’ll want to keep on loop.

1. Cash & Carry Me Home is Ghostpoet’s first single on the 2011 album. This studio remix was done with UK MC Kano for SoulCulture. On this track, he raps from a little-fish-big-pond perspective (“Lookin’ out the window at the world, I just ain’t ready yet, Such things just get me stressed”), hitting home for anyone who’s looking for a spot to be free in the world.

2. Liiines is the final single from Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam. After much critical acclaim, the track was nominated for the Barclaycard Mercury Prize in 2011. The track chronicles self-reflection– the initial second-guessing (“I keep on writing, writing; but them folk ain’t biting, biting; Maybe the bait ain’t juicy enough”) to his ultimate faithfulness to no-nonsense musical output (“So like me or lie to me, these are the words that just be true. Sending them out with love and faithfully”).

3. Us Against Whatever Ever features the Roundhouse Experimental Choir and Tawiah, the psychedelic Ghanaian soul singer from South London who killed it at ACCRA [dot] ALT’s IND!E FUSE 2012. The Roundhouse Experimental Choir, nothing short of celestial beings with incredible musical range (Are they beatboxing?! Yep.) , combined with Tawiah’s powerful vocals creates a heavenly sound to tell the story of effortless love in a chaotic world.

Do not fret, friends. The synthesizing sound that is Ghostpoet will soon be releasing new music. Watch out for him in 2013 when he drops his second album on PIAS Recordings.

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