DJ Juls Takes Us to School: Jungle Book Beat Tape 2


We’ve been fans of Ghanaian music producer Julian Nicco-Annan aka DJ Juls for a  minute now. That affection got way deep with a mere listen of his latest opus – The Jungle Book Beat Tape 2.

That joint is the truth.

Juls has been dropping mixtapes throughout 2011/2012 like his life depended on it. Meanwhile he’s making life a lot happier for the rest of us with a revivalist soul music that blends nostalgic Ghanaian music + childhood stories with a fresh energetic corps of young hip hop artists. Juls composes brilliant soundscapes with a little help from Sarkodie, Wanlov, Lady Jay, Bils Rayoe, EL and Kay Ara, among others.

Juls – ever cool, calm + collected unless he’s going off on Twitter about a rapper or footballer who’s jacking up his love for the game – releases The Jungle Book Beat Tape 2 on his earth day.

Download your free digital copy right here and spread the love.

Get your school on with DJ Juls | @djayjuls

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