GATO PRETO: Tropical Bass BeatDown


GATO PRETO is one black cat you won’t mind crossing paths.

Their masked mystique is the music – a tropical bass thunderstorm of candy rain and sound clouds. The duo – producer Lee Bass and rapper/singer Carmen Brown aka Gata Misteriosa – unveil the African music paradise reflecting their roots in the polyrhythm of Bass’ Ghana and the Portuguese slang of Brown’s Mozambique. Brown also grew into her rhyme scheme on the Portugal club scene. She told Funkhauseuropa in July, “It’s very important in music that you have the freedom to express yourself and find your own language.”

Such freedom reaps a hypersonic wave – a mix of old skool sweet/ thick R+B synths; delicate Highlife strings; infectious 80’s video game pop rock; back bending Miami bass; and an ATL freaknik beat parade with hi-def kicks of kuduro.

Download the “Voodoo Drums Mixtape” for free:

Based in Germany, Brown shares about Gato Preto’s sound: “We are saying something about bad systems, corruption, things are not really working in this world so we just want to speak it out. The other point is we want to dance. A lot!”

For more, check out GATO PRETO’s flava in “Tschukudu”:

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