SNEAKER FREAK: The Ohema Ohene Fix

WE’RE GOING CUCKOO FOR FUFU over these hot new sneaks by Brixton design boutique – Ohema Ohene. The mix between a structured hi-top, bright colorful prints, textured contrasts and low-top flexibility makes this design fresh and seductive.

Abenaa Pokua‘s Spring/Summer 2012 footwear collection is all urban African swag – a brilliant remix in adaptation + reconstruction.

4 thoughts on “SNEAKER FREAK: The Ohema Ohene Fix

  1. @20poorandfabulous: Indeed, they are super hot! Glad you are feeling the fabric print kicks.

    @jasetay: thanks for all the RT + RP luv for the blog, chale. Unfortunately, the collections are sold in London but click Ohema Ohene (in blue at the top of the post) to see about international shipping.

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