THE LINK UP: Moyo Wa Africa Landing in Accra

We are pleased to announce that Moyo Wa Africa (MWA) – a Toronto-based international collective of continental and diasporic African artists – will be making their way to Ghana this May. MWA is partnering with ACCRA [dot] ALT to produce several workshops with local artists around indigenous spirituality, songwriting, dance and experimental theater. These exchanges will focus on sharing cultural and professional knowledge and creating viable, long-term projects between Accra-based artists and international artists.

Our next Talk Party Series on Friday, May 25th will feature Moyo Wa Africa members who will lead a discussion about the strengths + challenges facing African diasporic artists. MWA + local artists will also team up for a special performance just for our May Talk Party. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this. Stay tuned for more information on MWA’s upcoming tour in Ghana.

In the meantime, check out this info on our visiting Moyo Wa Africa artists:


AMAI KUDA is a singer/songwriter, community activist and the mother of a young child. The name Amai Kuda means “mother to the will of the creator” in  Shona. Through parenthood, community work and art, Amai is a vehicle for creation and for change. She co-founded and coordinates two organizations, Moyo Wa Africa and R3, dedicated to the decolonization of African peoples and to indigenous solidarity respectively.


CHIEDZA PASIPANODYA is knowledgeable of ancient healing practices that teach priority youth ways of creating positive life changes through empowerment and mind-body alignment. Working with marginalized young people, Chiedza has been able to hone her facilitation skills and incorporate a range of her expertise. Chiedza is also a conceptual artist who uses many mediums such as sculpture and painting to name a few, as vehicles for expressing social and cultural  subjects and aesthetic explorations of art making. In her creative process she uses the body, the sacred, and nature and spaces as common subjects of this exploration with the goal of creating dialogue and self-reflexive observation.                  


SEDINA FIATI is a multidisciplinary artist, arts educator and activist. She holds a BFA degree in Music Theatre from the University of Windsor and also attended Etobicoke School of the Arts majoring in Music Theatre. Her arts education projects span from work with the Canadian Opera Company, St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club, Kiwanis Boys and Girls, b current’s youth programming and Moyo Wa Africa. She is dedicated to art as a tool for social change.                                                        


NATASHA ECK is a dancer, choreographer, and educator. Her performing experiences include; The Ballet, choreographed by Ben Love, Richard John Majewski at the Royal Opera House in London England; Vivine Scarlett’s dance collective, ‘V works’ at the Mutahdi Drum festival in Toronto, and as a company member of COBA performing work created by Bakari Lindsey and Jeanguy Saintus. Natasha currently works as a Creative Arts Manager for St. Albans Boys and Girls club (of Canada), were she works with artists creating programing of value that serves communities in the GTA.

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