THE TALK PARTY SERIES: #Gender and Sexuality

Following September’s sizzling hot conversation on gender and sexuality, British Prime Minister David Cameron stirred up some mess in Ghana. He announced that foreign aid will be cut for African nations that persecute and harass gay citizens. Touchy issue. This right on the heels of a vigorous discourse by Pres. Mills, priests, and Parliament members singling out homosexuals as ungodly and un-Ghanaian. And our September Talk Party where young, gay men stood up proudly, one by one, possessing a confident sexuality that was wide open for us to peek into, turn upside down and explore.

In October, we continued to discuss our different ways of looking at gender and sexuality now in heterosexual relationships.

October’s Talk Party found us discussing our thoughts – as young men and women living in Accra – about sexuality and gender. We interrogated how differently – or not – we think about gender and sexual relationships than our parent’s generation. We examined what is expected of men and women and what are the realities we each face about the other. And finally, we talked about how to create more liberating spaces for men and women to co-exist.

We’re not all talk either. We love to jam down. Our featured live musicians were AKUA TAYLOR, a motivational soul singer who rocks crowds on the regular throughout the NYC and KNII LANTE, a reggae R&B maestro who keeps the ladies swangin’.

Camera – Abass Ismael
Edit – SelormJay

for REDD Kat Pictures

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