The Wondrous Wli Waterfalls

After more than three hours in transit from Accra to the Volta Region in western Ghana, the group was more than happy to shake their legs out by walking through the shaded rainforest to the breathtaking waterfall.

Wli Waterfalls cascades from a height of 60-80 meters, and is the highest falls in West Africa. The hills mark the border between Ghana and the neighboring country of Togo. A walk through the forest of the Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary offers a chance to see a large colony of fruit bats, butterflies, birds, monkeys and baboons. To get there we walked about 30 minutes each way through the rainforest on a footpath crossing 9 smaller streams in the process.

Take a look at our pictures at the foot of the majestic Wli Waterfalls:

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