Gallivanting Through Aburi

Aburi is a series of mountainous communities about 45 minutes outside the city of Accra. The region is filled with lush greenery, picturesque views, and fresh air. Bob Marley’s widow, Rita Marley, has built a home, recording studio, school and health clinic in this area. We were delighted to receive a guided tour by Nana B., a traditional priest and healer, through an old cocoa yam plantation in Aburi. We then perused a double roadside craft market and talked with some of the artisans about their creative process of carving tree wood into drums, sculptures, and masks.

After so much activity, we were glad to arrive to our friend’s country home in Brekuso, an upper province of Aburi. Here we relaxed on the wraparound porch, visited the garden, took a hike to the bottom of the cliff, listened to music, chatted up one another, and dined on some amazing food by our chef, Jacob.

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