Visit to Patience International Preparatory School

“Without a doubt, the most meaningful activity for  me was visiting the Patience International Preparatory School. I know that I have never felt and experienced so much love as I did the day we visited there. As a group, we are going to try to do some other things for the school. For anyone who will listen and look at my pictures, I am talking about the children!”

Mrs. Lillian Carter, Richmond VA

 THIS WAS THE MOST ANTICIPATED PART OF THE TRIP for the EBC crew because several of the group members are teachers. The group prepared a special mission project and collected monies to buy school materials (notebooks, writing utensils, pencil sharpeners, pen holders, and calculators) for more than 40 students. Patience International Preparatory School (PIPS) is a less than five-years-old community school based in one of the poorest sections of Accra, in the province of Nima. This district has a majority-Muslim population. PIPS serves primary, junior high and high school aged children. An elderly woman in the community, who is affectionately seen as a grandmother to the students, donated three rooms and a courtyard to the school.

The students were ecstatic to have international visitors to their school. The children enthusiastically bounced around and chattered with one another and individual group members. After receiving their school materials, the students sang songs and took pictures with the group. Additionally, Mrs. Carter arranged for a pen pal exercise:  students from John Marshall High School wrote letters to students in Accra. The day before leaving, one of the teachers presented the group with a thick packet full of return letters to the Richmond students. We hope the communication will continue between these global students.

Like to see more? Check out the video of our visit to Patience International Preparatory School below: