Keisha walks the canopy at Kakum National Park

Sionne and Mantse –

Thank you SOOOOOOO much for planning an extraordinary adventure in Ghana!  I had a WONDERFUL time exploring everything with you and the rest of the group!  This was the first trip where I wasn’t concerned about the weather or time — the only thing I found important was the wash room facilities at our disposal because I never knew when the “Triple G” Syndrome (i.e. – Ghana Gotta Go) would hit me.  It spread throughout most of the group but no one let it get the best of them — there was too much to see and do to let a stomach ailment take over.

From the WEB DuBois Center and Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park to the Muslim school and Ghanaian countryside, this trip gave us a view of Ghana that I don’t think we would have gotten on our own.  I learned A LOT and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything!  Everyone you introduced us to was so friendly and hospitable.  Thank you for everything you did to make this trip exciting, educational, and enlightening.  I was sad to leave but I’m excited about returning someday for another tour and to “pay it forward” by being of service in some way to the school or the non-profit group that works with women and children living with HIV.

Much love,
Keisha Chavis, Connecticut

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